Enterprise Managed IT Services

Enterprise Systems

There are various ways we can assist the existing IT staff by supplementing labor for special projects, outsourcing basic functions such as monitoring, helpdesk, and backup so the existing staff can focus on more important issues and projects. Our services help to strengthen and enhance your existing IT resources.

Assist your staff on special I.T. projects when needed on premises or remotely:

  • We offer expertise with projects that need a specialist
  • Additional labor for large upgrades and rollouts

Procurement of software and hardware:

  • HAAS (Hardware As A Service) for flat monthly payments of hardware that will be automatically upgraded at the end of the term
  • Installation and removal of old equipment
  • Tracking and status of equipment with software agents

Outsource basic functions to us so the existing staff can focus on more important issues and projects

  • Monitoring of servers, workstations, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Helpdesk remote services: will respond to monitoring alerts, and end users can call about general issues
  • Backup and disaster recovery with bare metal recovery, live failover on premises and cloud based

Other services:

  • Secure cloud file sharing: permissions, versioning, backups, syncing locally
  • UTM firewalls: advanced network security, content filtering, antivirus and malware protection at the perimeter, historical reporting
  • Email continuity, anti-spam, journaling and archiving, compliance reporting